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Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Edwardsville

bathroom remodeling Edwardsville il Remodeling your bathroom into a luxurious space requires a great design that encompasses all you desire and brings it into reality. Bathroom Remodeling offers you the opportunity to upgrade your home and bring more value to it. The options you choose will be based on your personal style and perhaps needs to incorporate the ideas of other family members.

The design for your bathroom remodeling project is the first step to making your luxury bath wishes come true. What's great about the design process is that you get to choose the type of materials and fixture you like. You will no longer be stuck with a bathroom that someone else designed.

If you ever need advice about bathroom remodeling in Edwardsville, call the local experts at Scorpion Home LLC. We specialize in smaller remodeling jobs like bathroom remodeling, room additions, and handyman work. We have a lot of experience turning older standard style bathrooms into modern luxury baths.

Bathroom Remodeling Designs

Designing your new luxury bathroom takes a lot of imagination. To even be able to put a few things together that look good can be difficult. For instance, you'll have to be sure the colors you choose all work well together.

Different flooring materials come in specific color options. For instance, if you're looking for flooring with a definite red tone, you may be looking for polished cedar flooring. Or if you're wanting blue tones for the floor, you may want to go with a pretty slate floor.

When you choose options for your Edwardsville luxury Bathroom, several things come into play at once, as you see in the example just given. That's what can make the process a little daunting, because often you may choose something and later find out it doesn't quite fit into the scheme you're wanting to go for.

New luxury bathroom spaces of today include options like painted concrete flooring, glass underfoot, heated floors (wonderful under slate by the way), or traditional vinyl and ceramic tile.

Green Bathroom Remodeling

Fresh choices in newer "green" options also give your new luxury bathroom high class while giving you eco-friendly materials. Bamboo flooring is one such option that goes wonderfully in the bathroom space for several reasons. Naturally resistant to moisture and mold and mildew, it also looks and feels wonderful!

Play With The Natural Light

When planning your bathroom remodel, don't forget to install reflective surfaces which play with the natural or artificial light in the room. This beautifies the space and makes it seem more spacious. Mirrors, chrome fixtures, and glass shelving can add to this effect.

Glass tiles are huge in design style options right now, with many homeowners going this route for shower and bathtub walls, flooring, and sink backsplashes. Glass tiles bring you an array of colors that all work together well and are easy to work with. Plus, the give a beautiful shine as light reflects off of them, simply beautiful.

Out With The Old Floor & In With The New Luxury Flooring

While many will say hardwoods aren't a good idea for the bathroom because of water and moisture, there are plenty of ways to seal and protect against these issues to where solid hardwood flooring is still a great choice in luxury bathrooms. Bamboo flooring is one such example. Keep this type of flooring in your master bath where you can be sure it will be treated well.

Engineered stone or natural stone will always be a great bathroom flooring choice. The floors will be completely waterproof and resistant to mildew or mold growth. Try travertine as it really feels good underneath bare feet and has some natural texture to help prevent slipping. Pair it with some beautiful river pebble as a border and your new bathroom will look amazing!

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