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Current Trends You Can't Ignore For Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen remodelingAre you the type of homeowner who likes to be on the cutting edge for design and decorating? Or maybe you're more reserved and prefer to keep things traditional and classic.

There's no wrong approach to how you want your home to look; however, knowing about trends is a critical part of starting a remodeling project. Any reputable remodeling contractor will tell you that learning about trends is crucial for those who want to incorporate them into the design and those who want to avoid them.

Keeping It Classic Or Adding Fads - Tips For Your Remodeling Project

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are many things to consider. Form and function matter, and how you use this space is integral for making crucial decisions. Some families are all about baking and cooking and perfecting the culinary arts at home. Other households use the kitchen for microwaving frozen dinners.

Be realistic about how you use your kitchen, and then be aware of some current trends:

  • Curvy is the wave of the future - Renovations that rely on softer curves instead of sharp edges are for everything from islands to shelving.
  • Embrace cabinets as the focal point - If you like the idea of white on white for your kitchen, let there be a color for the cabinets, as they end up being the focal point anyway.
  • Make the island pop - Since white kitchens will always be a classic, the new thing is making the island's base stand out with a vibrant pop of color.
  • Add print appeal with wallpaper - The options are limitless when it comes to browsing wallpaper patterns, and now you can include wallpaper with your kitchen renovation plan.
  • Time to look up - Homeowners are getting creative by treating the ceiling like a 5th wall instead of letting it fade into the background, so add color here!

What Will Work For You?

Whether you know what you want or need some creative direction, your remodeling contractor will make a significant impact on your decision-making. At Scorpion Home LLC., we pride ourselves on being the team to trust for exceptional service, including professional input and feedback.

We want you to love the outcome of your new kitchen, even if you choose trendy design elements. We can assist you by offering suggestions that help prevent fads from coming too tired, too quickly. Call Scorpion Home LLC. today and get access to the best remodeling contractor in Edwardsville and beyond.

If you are looking for design trends in Edwardsville, IL, then please call 618-623-0103 or complete our online request form.

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