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Security-Focused Construction Specialists

security focused construction Edwardsville ilOne of the specialty services we are so proud to provide, here at Scorpion Home LLC, is security-focused construction in Edwardsville and the surrounding areas. We take great pride in the work that we do but even more so in our ability to help safeguard families. It is not enough to simply rely on a security system that may or may not work.

We want to be a part of helping local families get the protection that they want, need and deserve. Our goal is to work with you and find out more about what it is that you hope to accomplish with this project. We will review your specific home security needs and work hard to make it possible.

Yet we do this while making it a point not to push products on you. The mission is to offer protection not upsell you products that you don't need. We may offer suggestions but will have an explanation for whatever we suggest.

Security-Focused Construction Experts

It is about having a plan of action not just trying to add features as we go. Having an idea of what your concerns are and being able to address them makes all of the difference. The work we do is meant to leave you with a safe and secure place to call home.

This also means implementing the latest in products and cutting edge technologies to make this possible. It also means knowing how to look for potential hazards and addressing them. Each property we work with is unique so it is important to take these differences into account.

Some of what we can do and plan for includes:

  • Driveway alert systems
  • Exceptional outdoor lighting
  • Alternate power sources
  • Reinforced doors and doorjambs
  • Landscaping that can hide security measures and make it difficult to access windows from ground level
  • Safe room construction
  • Video surveillance
  • Open spaces that prevent providing intruders with a place to hide
  • Storm shutters
  • and so much more

We utilize products like kick proof door reinforcement, 3Ms new safety window film, outdoor lighting, fencing, powered gates as well as landscape measures to improve sight lines and to create natural barriers or unwelcome areas for foot traffic. We also work with local alarm companies to design a complete plan to improve the physical security of the client from curb to pillow. It's not enough to simply put in an alarm system, which only detects criminal activity after its occurred; let's work together to help prevent anything from happening in the first place.

Local, Reputable Security-Focused Construction Service Provider

One of the main factors people consider when buying a home is whether or not the area is safe. However, even that is no guarantee that you will not be targeted. The good news is that by working with with experienced remodeling contractors at Scorpion Home LLC for your security-focused construction project, you can make your home safe and secure. We care about the safety of our clients, and customize our remodeling services in Edwardsville and the surrounding areas to suit the needs of each individual.

There is no reason to settle for a home you do not feel safe in. Nor should you rely just on a security system to offer protection. It's worth it alone for the peace of mind!

If you would like to learn more about the services our Edwardsville security-focused construction specialists provide, please call 618-623-0103 or complete our online request form.

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